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Talking Travel with Ama Waterways

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If there's one thing I love in this world, it's staying at home. But if there are two things I love in this world, they're staying at home and travel. I'm still holding out hope that someone will pay me to write about the first one. But until then, I'm beyond excited to have the opportunity to write about the second for Ama Waterways.

Ama Waterways is an incredible river cruise company that's really elevating the whole industry. They're best known for their trips along the Danube--I'm actually working on a Danube piece for them right now (well, I ought to be, but I'm writing this instead)--but they go all over the world, and they're constantly expanding their offerings. 

One of the ways they're separating themselves from the pack is by offering these ridiculously tempting land travel packages that you can do before or after one of their river cruises. I got to write a piece for Connections, their article series highlighting interesting details about the places they travel to, to promote their upcoming land program to Italy's Lake Como.

It's been a dream of mine for a long time to get to write about travel professionally. I've been extraordinarily lucky to get to visit some truly incredible places, see some amazing things, and of course, eat some absolutely unforgettable food. When you open yourself up to a new place, it changes you, and always for the better. 

"Say Ben, since you love travel so much, and you just wrote this whole piece about Lake Como, you must have a deeply personal, firsthand Lake Como story to share, right?" 

See, the thing about that is... oh wow, is that the time? Gotta go.  

Read my piece on Lake Como on my Articles page, or on AmaWaterways.com.


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